Sunday, July 11, 2010


Five days into our return to civilization, I am once again left to ponder on the meaning of daily routine. My life seems to be a succession of great adventures filled with wasted uselessness in-between.

I like to think of my craziness as having some sort of inspiring point for my fellow human beings, but maybe I am just on a craze... desperately trying to rationalize an unstable life, lying to my inner consciousness about my selfish accomplishments.

I have these dreams of writing a book about my many unusual adventures, the many different landscapes I have been moved by along the way, the diversity of cultures that color the tapestry of our specie, the deep and powerful emotions that have overcome me. Is it the selfless need to share and awaken that motivates this desire or the vain dark side of the human psyche which feeds and grows off recognition and social hypocrisy?

I share my life and passions with a man as confused with the secret meanderings of human motivations as I am. An avid adventurer of Nature, he is at his best when no stranger’s eyes can catch a glimpse of him - a fantastic survivor who crumbles at the idea of social encounters and necessities. Yet, he too has dreams of being a respected pioneer with a place in the human world.

So here we are, back in our Alaskan woods, broke once again, left with great tales of survival and unique adventures. Though they might make our soul soar strong and high, they surely seem at odds with bringing in the necessities of modern life.

Are people like us anomalies in today’s society or do we have some unseen ethereal use which balances humanity’s tendencies? Is there a place for us in our modern world, us the adventurers and pioneers who do not compromise our dreams for a dramatized TV show or a cool adrenaline rush of a more likely summit? Us who would rather take a chance to fail in order to possibly experience the sweet nectar of true accomplishments... Us who refuse to confine our minds and actions to the socially accepted normalcy of the extreme...

When I look at my life and think of my daughter’s life still in front of her, I’d like to think so... We shall fly high and free, in sync with our soul's inclinations - unaware of our man made limits and boundaries.

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