Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Getting organized...

As fall is setting in in a classic Alaska fashion, our minds turn to this coming winter with excitement and anticipation.
Nothing is subtle about changing seasons in Alaska. We gain or loose almost 6 minutes a day, the green foliage is replaced almost overnight with flamboyant hues of yellow and red which in turn will quickly fall to the ground and open up our empty winter landscape. Salmon rush in to spawn, bears start being less picky in order to gain precious weight and it seems that all creatures know it is but a blink before a long harsh winter settles in.
So it is with us too, here in our small cabin in the woods. But as everyday gets us closer to the dark side, we awaken closer to our dream.
Fall means it is time to cram in our last fast conditioning sessions before the slower process of winter training takes place. Fall means that we must start organizing every aspect of our life towards our winter expedition - A careful and continuous training both physically and mentally and a clear assessment of where we stand financially (aie...).
Falls mean we are getting closer to our goal, I close my eyes and can almost touch it, falls means it is happening, I feel the change deep within me just as I see it in Nature.
The frost has covered the still green grass for 2 nights now, we disappear into the back country in few days for... few days. It is all as it should be.
For lovers of Nature and adventures like us, it is difficult to chain the mind to todays need for promotion and funding. What a travesty as our spirit soars high and free and the confines of today's world hold us to a bittersweet reality - We are short on funds to set aside the time we need to be ready for the Extremes ahead.
We thank all for the support that you have already showed us by following our adventure. If you are so inclined to help us financially, we have set up a donation option on our new website. If you have a sponsorship idea or contact (only unrelated to apparel), please pass it on. If all you do is follow our dream as we move along, this is fantastic too and what we both most treasure!
Above all, we hope this dream of ours will water in some ways the seeds of everyone's own adventures.
Let's all kick a##!!!!!!

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